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How to Find a Web Development Contractor in California

Custom web development service providers or contractors aren’t all created equal. While it's easy to find someone to build your product, it’s more difficult to find someone to build it right. Your ideas are precious, and you want to find a partner who can turn it into a reality. Today, we’ll offer some tips to find the perfect custom web development service provider in California.

Should You Work with a Freelancer or Complete Service Provider?

On your journey to finding a custom web development service provider, you may also encounter freelancer options with appealing prices. Web development freelancers and professional agencies can both certainly yield great results.

Yet, they specialize in different areas.

As a general rule of thumb, freelancers tend to perform best when hired for a specialized task. Meanwhile, agencies are better for complete digital solutions. If you’re still in the planning phases of your website or want to create a new website from scratch, we recommend going with a complete service provider.

1. Hold a Magnifying Glass Up to Their Portfolio

Oh, they don’t have a portfolio anywhere? It’s an immediate no from us. There are plenty of options in California, and there’s no point in risking your chances.

Anyone can claim to be “professional”, so it’s important to actually check the quality of their work. Flip through their portfolio and pay attention to the types of projects handled, design & development skills, and the overall quality of products.

2. Take Time to Consider What Your Website Needs

Of course, you need a website. But, what type of website? Consider drafting a requirements specification document to understand what features you need and want. If you send this document to multiple service providers, they’ll be able to give you more concise quotas without asking too many questions. It’ll save time for all parties involved.

With more exact prices, it’s easier to compare different service providers in terms of cost and value.

3. Consider Support Needs Too

Not the most tech-savvy or just new to operating your own website? Consider if you have someone on your end who’ll be able to support the website, or if you need the service provider to do so. It’s essential that this topic is discussed before committing to a service provider, as support is usually factored into pricing.

4. Work With a Compatible Service Provider

Ideally, you want to work with a service provider that’s already skilled in creating the type of website you want. This could be in terms of functionality, niche, or even design. By working with a compatible custom web developer, they’ll have an easier time understanding your needs and challenges. They might be able to offer insight and recommendations too.

This point is especially important if you want a hands-off relationship with your custom web development service provider.

5. Read and Re-Read Reviews

Consumers leave reviews for a reason. Beyond just looking at the star rating, actually take time to read the reviews. This offers a clearer picture of the day-to-day operations of a custom web development service provider. Pay attention to what previous clients have to say about a company’s trustworthiness, professionalism, and claims.

6. Ask for References

On top of just reading reviews, it’s well worth it to go an extra mile and ask for references. Contact previous clients and ask them about their overall experience with said company. Compared to public reviews, people will likely be more honest over the phone or through private messaging. Of course, be respectful and mindful of other people’s times.

7. Consider Brand Presence

Even with a good portfolio, it’s risky to work with a custom web development service provider with no brand presence. Companies without a presence are likely to be less accountable for their actions, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take.

8. Weigh Value and Price

Last up is to consider cost. The key to getting your money’s worth is to weigh the ratio between value and price. Don’t settle for a service provider just because they’re super cheap. Also don’t assume that a service provider will be the best choice just because they have the highest rate in California. Consider the general quality of past products, as well as perks like general maintenance, revisions, and website tech support.

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