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We have over 15 years of professional experience and are ready to deliver outstanding expertise to your project. Our professionals are well-versed in modern web development, employing cutting-edge technology to produce original and effective websites. Trust us to develop a high-quality website that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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San Clemente, California based.

The combination of a desirable lifestyle, access to talent, proximity to major cities, and favorable business climate make San Clemente an ideal location for a web-development agency. A 30 minute drive from Irvine, 60 minutes from L.A. and San Diego.

About Us

Passionate Developer and Entrepreneur

Meet the Founder and CEO

Chris is driven by his passion for software development and his desire to provide bespoke web development solutions to businesses. When he was 13 years old, he began perfecting his skills and establishing a solid understanding of the critical role that an online presence plays in today's digital landscape. Later in his adolescence, he acquired a strong interest in entrepreneurship and aspired to be a self-employed web developer, operate his own agency, and found several startups that supported creativity, innovation, and growth through customized solutions that addressed individual requests. Because of his experience and devotion to quality, Christoph is well positioned and has a broad knowledge of today's web development technologies, as well as a good overview of the choices and difficulties that companies face in the business world.

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As a youth, I was captivated by the seemingly limitless possibilities and opportunities offered by the internet. The thrill of seeing my ideas (Websites, Apps, Software) become a reality and the desire to have others use what I created was what I found most exciting.

Christoph Heike CEO of Pacific Codeline


We have Worked with dozens of Amazing People.

“Successful and fast project processing. Thank you and keep it up.”

Employee at
Kamphausen Digital

“Thank you for the great and reliable cooperation. And also for the ideas and commitment in the projects. I hope we will implement many more great projects together.”

Tim Sieber
Sieber and Partner

“For our various websites & web applications, we have been regularly using the services of Mr. Heike for many years and are very satisfied. We appreciate the uncomplicated and familiar cooperation, the broad know-how as well as the solution-oriented way they work.”

Abdul Lamghari
GFU Cyrus AG

“The cooperation with Mr. Heike is very easy and professional. He programmed my private news project "" for me. It was extremely fast and the result is convincing.”

Carsten Knop
Editor in Chief

“We needed an interface between Zoho API and Digistore and we are very satisfied. The working relationship with Mr. Heike was very pleasant!”

Franz Hildebrand
Quantfloor GmbH & Co. KG

“Mr. Heike has assisted us with various process digitization projects that have enabled us to save costs and gain competitive advantages to this day. Thank you for the intensive sparring before and the great service after the launch of the commissioned developments!”

Holger Schlapper
CEO at A&B Events GmbH

“[Pacific Codeline] surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend his services for anyone in need of a skilled and reliable web developer.”

Marta W

“Thank you for the cooperation, which was smooth and successful for me.”

Max Ehlers

“I recently worked with Pacific Codeline LLC developing enhancements to our e-commerce website, including a more streamlined efficient checkout process. Chris was very professional and easy to work with.”

Brad Handy

“I highly recommend Pacific Codeline. We have been very well advised regarding the development of software for our company and appreciate the experience of Pacific Codeline.”

Lars Fischer
Kämpken & Fischer GmbH

“A very good agency for high-quality and complex web developments. The results were always presented and processed based on milestones. I am very satisfied and can warmly recommend the agency, only very few other companies can match the quality and speed. Keep it up!”

Stanislaus Jampolski
CGI Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

The Tech-Stack behind our Web- and Software Development.

Here are some key technologies that we use for our web and software development. There are many others as well - Too many to list them all here.


React Framework for Full Stack Applications


ReactJS: For complex Applications

UI Components for Complex Applications

Amazon AWS

AWS & Google Cloud

We embrace Cloud Services and Architecture.

Nuxt (Vue)

Open Source Vue Framework


VueJS: A modern Frontend-Choice

Modern Front-End Development

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind and Tailwind UI

Web Design Framework

PHP - Server Side Language

Widely used Open-Source language



A sophisticated and loved Open-Source Backend Framework


A Feature Rich Backend-PHP Framework



Performant Database


Docker: Containerized Development

Build, Package, Deploy


Node.js: JavaScript Runtime

Build, Package, Deploy



Widely used for many purposes, we are WordPress experts.

Scalable PHP applications with serverless

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Portals & Platforms - A great way to expand your Business

By providing a portal or platform, you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and create a special relationship with your business partners. Whether it is an internet, extranet or individual solution for your customers, there are no limits to the unique experiences we can help you provide for your partners and customers.

Mobile Apps / Hybrid Apps / PWA

A mobile app serves as a supplement to an existing website or can be developed as a stand-alone project. We develop mobile apps for iOS, Android, Hybrid, PWA, Web, and Desktop Apps.

Microservice & Micro-Frontend Development

By using microservices, our development team at Pacific Codeline can help your company shape the future through the most modern technology. While inert monoliths were the gold standard for a long time, modern software architectures consist of many individual microservices and containers.

Backend Development

Our expert team is proficient in all of the different technologies including PHP, Symfony, SQL and noSQL. If you are looking for or have questions about a backend solution, our team of backend developers at Pacific Codeline would love to help.

Conception, Consulting, Development

Web applications can create added value for a company in many different ways. These can be implemented directly on the public facing website for the end customer, in a mobile app, within the company for internal communications or to work with external partners. As a web development company, Pacific Codeline is happy to advise and assist you in moving to or improving your current web applications.

API Development

Modern software development based on microservices and containers use APIs as an innovative solution to reduce the complexity of their entire architectures, as only an API interface can enable collaboration between the individual application units.

Hundreds of Succesful Projects.

We've worked on projects in all diferrent types of industries. We have a broad knoweledge ready to be utilized for your next project.

14+ Years

From Germany to California

Background and History

Experience and reliability are the key to developing custom software that is efficient and effective.

Pacific Codeline LLC was founded by Mr. Heike in 2021 in emerged from his German company, Webzeile GmbH, which was founded back in 2009. He started out in Germany with his German agency that has been developing web applications for over 12 years.

Our vision is to offer the expertise, knowledge and reliability that we have gained through our work in Germany and use it to deliver benefits to US customers, starting with the SoCal market.

As a youth, I was captivated by the seemingly limitless possibilities and opportunities offered by the internet. The thrill of seeing my ideas (Websites, Apps, Software) become a reality and the desire to have others use what I created was what I found most exciting.

Christoph Heike CEO of Pacific Codeline LLC

How Pacific Codeline was Established


Previous events that led to the formation of Pacific Codeline.
  • - Mr. Heike begins developing websites

    The first custom websites and projects are being developed while Mr. Heike was still in school.

  • - Webzeile begins its first steps

    The first custom web-development services are performed under the name Webzeile, in Germany

  • - Full-Time Custom Web-Development

    After leaving College, Mr. Heike focused full time on providing custom web development services as a sole propriertor.

  • - First Corporation is formed

    The first business corporation, Webzeile GmbH is formed by Mr. Heike in Germany

  • - Pacific Codeline is established

    Pacific Codeline LLC, the newest enterprise in California, United States, has been founded and aspires to deliver quality software projects with over 14 years of experience.

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With Pacific Codeline you have found a web, mobile app and custom software development team who understands the needs of your business. Our team will partner with you to analyze your specific requirements and conduct a technology-agnostic consultation.


Reliability is our top priority. Your company’s requirements and easing your concerns will be the focus for our experienced team until the job is complete. Unlike others, we strive to deliver sustainable and working pieces of software.


With more than 10 years of software-development experience, our team at Pacific Codeline has worked with many clients and myriad different types of businesses. For you, this means that we deliver high-quality results that you can depend on.

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